High-functional umbrella

Message from the CEO

Dear AMVEL friend,

In 2016, AMVEL was founded in Nagoya, Japan. Our goal is to eliminate disposable and cheap umbrellas that break easily. We believe that providing our customers with easily portable umbrellas can help them stop buying disposable umbrellas, contributing to reduced consumption of them around the world. It may be a big goal, but our aim is to establish a sustainable society.

We are particular about the fabric material for umbrellas, and use only the materials meeting the requirements of OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 is an international safety standard established to remove harmful substances from textile products.

AMVEL is a Japanese umbrella manufacturer, so ideally we would like to manufacture all of our products in Japan. However, in fact, it is getting difficult to offer stable quality and delivery since skilled workers are decreasing in number due to their old age. At present, we think that Chinese garment factories owned by Taiwanese are the most suitable for manufacturing high-quality products.

We are strongly committed to providing the highest specifications and functionality. For example, products labeled “Withstand wind speed of 15m / s” have been inspected by a specialized inspection company and inspection certificates have already been obtained.

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